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Chart Neo: a new tool for fertility awareness available at IonaCare

Updated: May 31, 2022

Charting menstrual cycles is a powerful tool for women to take control of their fertility and menstrual health issues. I've been supporting fertility awareness methods for many years, and have instructed many women couples to manage their reproductive health.

Feeling frustrated with the restrictions of paper charting, after after several months of research and study, I will now be supporting and using the Chart Neo app and web platform in my practice, and the small but growing Chart Neo physician and fertility advisor network.

The Neo app streamlines data collection for patients, and is easy to use and track your menstrual cycles, including sharing your information with your providers. It also complies with HIPAA and PIPEDA guidelines, so you can be sure your data is stored securely and confidentially. It is a real improvement over using paper charts.

Chart Neo helps me bring together family planning, menstrual cycle and fertility diagnosis in one automated platform, and uses fertility monitoring methods with many years of clinical knowledge, study and support. I am excited about bringing this new platform to my practice and welcome questions from patients about how this will enhance their menstrual and fertility support.

For more information on the Chart Neo application and online platform, please visit their website at


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