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Making the most of your telehealth session with Dr. Marianne.

Updated: May 31, 2022

With the advent of social distancing and screening regulations in health care settings in Ontario and elsewhere, online video telemedicine appointments are becoming more user friendly and widely accessible. To improve the user experience, Dr. Marianne has recently has switched to an integrated system with her patient portal on Jane app that uses a video link that you can set up on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. All you need is a webcam with a microphone and speaker connected with your device.

This integrated system is PERPA and PHIPA compliant, so your conversation will be completely confidential, exactly as it would be if you were in office.

When you book a telehealth appointment (these are easily available to book online), the Jane program will send you a link to the online portal an hour before your appointment with a consent for telehealth care and a link for check in. We recommend checking in at least five minutes before your appointment and re-starting your device at that time, so that your session can begin right on time.

For more help getting set up, there is more information about online set up for patients from the Jane app program website here.


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